Ken Cotterill

Ken mainly writes plays, many of which have been produced all over Australia, in England and the United States of America.

His most popular works are:

  • Perfect Murder (a thriller set on the Gold Coast),
  • Lee (the last half-hour in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald),
  • Children of the Levant (an Israeli-Palestinian drama),
  • Richard the Third’s Revenge ( a comedy-farce),
  • Re-electing Roger (a political comedy),
  • Jabberwocky (a theatre of the absurd play),
  • Logies ( a comedy about vain actors),
  • Our Man (a Whitlam dismissal drama),
  • Identity (a comedy based on Phil Spectre),
  • Rhinoceros Hides (a political comedy),
  • Susan Pennington on Trial (a court drama),
  • Daylight Robbery (a James Bond spoof)
  • Rachel (a thriller),
  • Wellbourne’s Way (a comedy on paranoid president’s of local clubs)
  • Kingdom of the Damned (a murder thriller),
  • War Games (a teenage/teacher love story)
  • Passion for Fashion ( a comedy for teenagers).

He has also co-written Cuba! the musical.

His novels include The Bizarre Death of Karla Borsch (a cold-war thriller set in Hungary) and Two Top Cops (a TV cop show spoof). He has had several short stories published in the Tropical Writers anthologies. He also acts and directs plays. He recently directed Secret Bridesmaid’s Business to full houses at the Cairns Little Theatre. He writes weekly Art & About columns for the Tablelander and theatre reviews for Stage Whispers Magazine. He also has had political and historical articles published in Green Left Weekly and boxing articles in The Fist.

Currently he is writing a satirical novel on English football.