Patricia Barden

Authors Note – Patricia Barden

Illustrator – Karen Gibson

I’m the Boss of my Body is an innovative children’s book, designed to help young children develop an awareness of their rights to bodily privacy – and what they can do if they feel that someone is not respecting those rights.

With its lively text and engaging illustrations, I’m the Boss of My Body, seeks to directly engage young child readers, as well as provide parents, carers and professionals with a valuable opportunity to approach the subject of self-protection in a gentle, non-threatening manner.

Cairns QLD -based author, Patricia Barden, possesses 25 years of professional experience in caring for children as a Pre School Teachers Aid, Inclusion Support for Children with a Disability and a Family Day Care Educator, as well as her own personal experience as a mother and long-term Carer Support Officer, supporting carer’s in their caring role.

Patricia was inspired to write I’m the Boss of My Body, after attending workshops on child safety and encountering numerous parents unsure about how to raise the subject with their children.

Illustrator, Karen Gibson, is a nationally-renowned Indigenous artist and recently received the Order of Australia for her work as a Family Responsibilities Commissioner in her home community, Mossman Gorge, in Far North Queensland, where she strives hard to empower residents vulnerable to domestic violence.

Patricia and Karen have combined their experience and commitment to child safety to produce a book that they hope will better equip young children to protect themselves and reach out to others when they feel they are at risk.