Sasi Victoire

Dr Sasi Victoire has been working in visual practice for forty years with regular exhibitions. She is also a printmaker, writer and educator and works extensively in soft diplomacy projects with Asia. She has written two children’s books on the Intangible heritage of Cairns.

Her current project Alice in the Antipathies is a performance script developed through Jute Theatre’s script development program. Her narrative is supported by her visual imagery that extends and pushes the printmaking medium as an inter-medial, cross-cultural project for theatre. The narrative creates awareness of the value of diversity through her migrant experience in Australia where she uncovers the challenges in movement and settlement and how its impacts to question her cultural values.





Artist/playwright Sasi Victoire talks with Suellen Maunder (JUTE) about the value of creative collaborations.

1.30 pm - 2.15 pm
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